About Zerabox, an asterisk ipPBX solution

Consider Zerabox, an affordable, dependable, intuitive IP-PBX that will deliver more than your expectations.Zerabox®, is an AsteriskIP-PBX business phone system designed and built and sold through Zeracom, South Carolina's Upstate Award Winning Business Technology Solution's Provider.  With 15 years of successful communications business, providing integrated voice and data services, Zeracom, based in Greenville, SC, has specialized in networking and communications, with IP-PBX installations, upgrades and repairs.  Having a cutting edge IP-PBX Zerabox, with a dependable and time tested Asterisk™ PBX software, Zeracom's vision to provide a truly affordable dependable enterprise business  phone system for the small to medium business has been realized.

Where we are headed:

Having been founded in 1990 in Greenville, SC (originally as Intertelcom), Zeracom has positioned itself at the front of upstate South Carolina's telecom service industry.  With a team of certified professionals the direction has been to bring the best technologies by delivering on the challenges that our valued customers have requested of us.  Having recognized for some time the advancement in traditional telephony and the evolution of voice as another data application (Asterisk, VoIP and IP-PBX solutions), we have moved to leverage our expertise to bring our customers the advantages of these changes.  We embrace the philosophy of placing the customer in control, by using our easy to use, intuitive control panel administration, which will save significant costs associated with changes that were, until now, done by telecom vendors.  We have also leveraged our resources and experience for remote administration, as an off-site partner for customers who want support, giving them this choice at an affordable cost. 

What you can expect:

A total solution Asterisk IP-PBX, Zerabox which will deliver an affordable feature rich business IP-PBX phone system, that will be intuitive for your employees and increase productivity by delivering the advanced communication features which businesses are coming to depend on.  Furthermore, Zerabox, will bring on-going cost savings and can easily handle future growth to keep your business effectively interconnected.  No longer are the days when your phone system can only be expanded or upgraded after significant license costs.  Zerabox gives you control and future proofs your investment.


What we deliver:

OneBox, Zerabox IP-100 business IP-PBX phone system, built for endurance

A dependable, time tested business class ippbx phone system, that is rich in features, low in price and will deliver now and into the future.

                  Zerabox IP100





"One box, one business phone system, one solution present and future."



Zerabox, IP-PBX business voip solutions, dependable, affordable and loaded with features at no additional cost

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