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Winter, 2013


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SIP trunking with a Zerabox IP-PBX can save you lots of money.Whether your current phone system connects with analog lines or a PRI a Zerabox IP-PBX can connect right up to your existing provider's connection.  In most cases a typical business phone system will connect to the phone company through copper lines (Loop Start Lines) or a PRI (Private Rate Interface) delivered through a T1.  So, when getting a new PBX it must to ordered to have the correct hardware to make the appropriate connection.  A Zerabox server is capable of connecting to just about any type of connection and comes ready to go.  Let's discuss two of the major types of services:

Now comes a new way to look at your connection; SIP Trunking:

A lot of interest has been generated about SIP trunking as of late and it's no wonder why.  SIP Trunking or what might be best described as phone lines that connect using IP (Internet Protocol), has some distinct advantages, one of which is cost savings.  SIP trunks can be programmed into a Zerabox IP-PBX and within minutes it will start routing calls over the network.  The only significant need is there would be available bandwidth.  No other hardware interface cards would be needed for a SIP trunk connection, as the Ethernet connection that is already built in would be used.  An with Zerabox there would be no need to buy an additional license, unlike many other IP-PBXs.  You may even discover that your current telephone provider may offer SIP trunking services, eliminating the need to have to explore for or take on a new provider.

So what's best for your business?

Surely, the advantage to make the best of both worlds.  Installing a new Zerabox with your current connection makes upgrading your phone system simple and easy.  Then explore the savings that can be realized with SIP trunks.  You may even discover that your current carrier may offer these services, eliminating the need to have to explore for or take on a new provider.


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Zerabox, an Asterisk IP-PBX

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