Zerabox, an affordable robust IP-PBX business phone system. IP-PBX IP100                                   

Zerabox® IP-PBX is an "office in a box" Asterisk business phone system that converges LAN switching functions (LAN/WAN) with the 99.999% reliability of TDM voice processing.  The Zerabox® IP-PBX platform supports industry standard Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as the more robust Telephony over IP (ToIP).  The integrated Layer 2 switch module adds powerful access capabilities providing a data network solution for your enterprise.  By combining these technologies with Zeracom's Wireless LAN IP handsets, embedded Voice Mail application, and the suite of robust Zerabox® computer telephone applications, you gain the business phone system solution that delivers a complete integrated communications system, and much more.  An "all in one" powerful platform, an "all in one business phone system".

A Complete Voice Solution for your company - Zerabox®              [Request a Quote]The Zerabox IP-PBX, IP-100, everything you need in a business phone system.

Freedom to move, freedom to communicate with the Aastra 57iCT cordless handset.


  • Affordability- Lower price and Lower operating costs
  • Reliability- World class dependability
  • Quality- Crystal clear audio all the time
  • Full Feature set- with no license fees
  • Easy intuitive web control panel - make your own changes
  • In house PBX- not dependant upon Internet connections for signaling, hence no latency factor
  • Add extensions, add remote workers, add softphones, add branch offices

Ip Voice is the best way to go and an Asterisk based PBX phone system has benefits far beyond better pricing.


Simplicity & Sophistication..

Zeracom's communications and digital technology experts have engineered an easy to install, economical business phone system with converged IP capabilities and performance built in.  Combined with Zeracom's expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining numerous phone systems, the Zerabox® IP-PBX phone system comes with everything you need to get started.  No longer will you be limited by numerous expensive license fees just to get the phone system that you want.  Zerabox® comes as a complete business phone system.  It's prepackaged, preprogrammed and labeled.  And remote system programming lets Zeracom maintain the Zerabox® phone system, ensuring you have a communication solution that can adapt, grow and overcome any obstacle.

For information about IP-PBX business phone solutions, come to Zeracom for a white board session and a demo of the Zerabox.Basic features...

  • Easy plug and play platform that works right out of the box.
  • Embedded Voicemail / Auto-Attendant / IVR / ACD
  • Can support any SIP device
  • Caller ID, name and number
  • Automatic call routing to local or long distance for cost savings
  • Voicemail to Email message forwarding to any client application

Advanced Features...

  • Remote office connections through remote Sip devices
  • Office to office communications
  • Utilizes the Internet for home office connections
  • Softphone integration for on the road professionals
  • Allows for integration through wireless access points

For more information about our feature set [learn more]

Performance right out of the box- The Zerabox IP-PBX IP100 is an affordable robust communications solution that carries the power for today's communication needs and tomorrow's growth.

"Connect the right people in the right way at the right time."


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